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we make electric mobility eeezy!

Our mission is to make electric mobility as understandable and as accessible as possible. We strongly believe that the fundamentals of the technology are neccessary to shift from a fossil-fuel energy driven economy to a cleaner future.

We did need the fossil fuel to get society to the point where we are now, having achieved what we achieved would not been thinkable without it. But as new generations of scientists, entrepreneurs and car owners arise, it is time to slowly say good bye to these outdated technologies.

We do not think that switching from a combustion engine car to an electric car will solve the current issues we are facing as a society. We need a transition of the energy sector, the individual mobility sector and a change of habits. Electric cars are one puzzle piece to the equation, allowing us, if certain standards of energy production have established, to get from A to B without causing as much harm to environment and health as we do today.

Read our piece of opinion about this here if you are interested.

Our services include:

  • Writing – we write about everything related to electric cars
  • Connecting – we have a huge network of specialists, professionals and enthusiats to launch your project to the moon (if thats where you want to go)
  • Consulting – we offer fleet management consulting, charging infrastructure consulting, event planning and management, workshops facilitation and planning
  • Future proofing – our team helps you digitize, monetize, develop and maintain future proof technologies and systems, from UX design over machine learning and AI webservices and APIs to setting you up on the blockchain (if thats where you want to go)
  • Talking – we really like to talk, whether discussing with trolls in the comment section, or in political debates on stage. Talk to us, if you need some talking!